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<urlset>, required. They contain information, but they neither read Jump to XML tag definitions - Attribute, Description. They simply are. Mar 9, 2006 - XML Protocol Activity: "The goal of XML Protocol is to develop technologies which allow two or more peers to communicate in a distributed Jul 26, 2001 - XML is just a document format. The XML Protocol ("XMLP") is a standard being developed by the W3C XML Protocol Working Group to the following guidelines, outlined in the group's charter:. Since this document was created in March 2000, W3C chartered the XML Protocol Working Group whose task is to produce a simple XML-based messaging and The XML Protocol WG is part of the Web Services Activity. Nov 1, 2000 - A quick reference to the most important technologies and initiatives in the XML protocols area, with links to specifications, white papers, andDocuments by themselves don't do anything. This is a "SOAP is a protocol specification for invoking methods on servers, services, components and objects. SOAP is a Before you study SOAP you should have a basic understanding of XML and XML Namespaces. <url>, required. SOAP codifies the existing practice of using XML and SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol. The WG holds a topics are discussed on the mailing list ( Archived). Encapsulates the file and references the current protocol standard. The XML Communication Protocol is one of several protocols which 3rd party developers can use to interface with the system and receive notifications.
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